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A coffee set for 6 people, 15 items



The collection was designed in the third decade of the twentieth century and comes from the Paris studio of Wendorf. It is the quintessence of art deco style, which ennobles everyday objects to the rank of art. The collection combines avant-garde forms of craftsmanship objects from Cmielow manufacture. Its uniqueness also provides a special way to create each element - the individual parts are cast from separate molds and then intricately manually combined together. A handle and a holder are gilded with high carat gold. The product is made for individual order, therefore, the completion date is agreed individually with the customer. For more details please contact us.

Additional Information

SKU 4015071T4G341
Collection Kula
Option Kula Gold Poland (G341)
Items 15
Range a coffee set for 6 people
Decoration G341
Persons 6
a saucer 11.5 6 qty
A cup 008 6 qty
a sugar bowl 040 1 qty
A teapot 018 1 qty
A kettle 105 1 qty
Microwave No
Dishwasher No
Size No


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