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A dinner set for 12 people, 44 items



Our porcelain sculptures - called 'figurines’- are the icon of style, which for over two centuries of functioning manufacture have had time to become objects reflecting the changing canons of art history. Figurines, which are designed by the top designers, have become not only elements of interior decoration or an idea for a sophisticated gift, but also a collectors’ object of unprecedented historical value. Figures reproduced from original designs appear successively in the collection. The product is made for the individual order. The waiting time is between 7-21 days.

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SKU 2044M32O2C000
Collection Maria Teresa
Option Maria Theresa (C000)
Items 44
Range a dinner set for 12 people
Decoration C000
Persons N/A
An oval platter 33 cm 1 qty
A saucerboat 1 qty
a flat plate 25 cm 12 qty
salaterka 23 cm 1 qty
An oval platter 28 cm 1 qty
salaterka 26 cm 1 qty
A deep plate 22,5 cm 12 qty
salaterka 15,5 cm 2 qty
a flat plate 19 12 qty
An oval platter 22 cm 1 qty
Microwave N/A
Dishwasher N/A
Size N/A


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